New products

New Models of Aluminum Docks and Ladders designed by Multinautic

Contact our Customer Service at 1-800-585-1237 to know your nearest retailer or an online shop that offers these aluminum docks.

The new QPF-383, 4' x 8' floating, on posts or on wheels, is ideal for smaller PWC: canoe, pedal boats...Item number: 21341 sold in 8ft or 4ft box (depending on the retailer).

The QPF-495 dock kit is a model that combine aluminum frame with wooden inside structure. It allows to choose from many different sizes without the cost of a custom-made welded dock. Watch the QPF-495 assembly video.

The QPF-495 Boxed Dock is offered in 5ft x 10ft dock sections to be assembled and has an inside and outside all aluminum structure (product #21519). Comes with a pair of hinges. It can be installed on posts, floats or wheels (sold separately).

The QPF-4755' x 12' all welded frame is still available in some Réno-Dépôt (product #21419

NO assembly required! You just need to add planks for the decking and, depending on your body of water requirements, posts and/or 5ft floats (8 in. or 16 in. for a low or high freeboard) (posts and floats sold separately). Comes with a pair of hinges.

Upgrade your dock layout with a new ladder and accessories!

A new line of angled dock ladders extends our offer in 2017.

Designed by Multinautic, these 3,4 and 5-step aluminum ladders are equipped with 5 ½" deep steps.

Attached to dock with "J" hook system, they allow fast & easy installation and removal. Look at this short video  showing how great this simple installation works.