Kayak ramp in kit

With the kayak ramp, no more difficulties taking in or out your equipment. All you have to worry about is enjoying your time !

Assembly of the QPF-495 in kit

Having a hard time assembling your new QPF-495 ? Don't waste any more time and follow this quick guide, the kit's assembly will have no more secret for you !

Multinautic's Cast Aluminum Cleat

With its 22° angle, it stays away from boat hull. Its high profile is designed to be used on many dockline sizes and facilitates mooring.

Floating ramp arrival

Accost easily and smoothly with Multinautic floating ramps.

Floating ramp exit

Nothing easier than putting your boat afloat and going on an expedition thanks to Multinautic floating ramps.

Multinautic's set of wheels

Whether you want to put your dock in or out the water, Multinautic's wheels will facilitate your life.

Dock construction

Here is an example of a dock's building by our pro team.

How to assemble your QP-427 or QP-400

Follow this quick video to install with ease your new QP-427 / QP-400.

Dock's ladder with "J" shaped hooks

Thanks to its "J" shaped hooks, mounting and dismounting a dock ladder has never been easier.