600 Series

The Q-600 is a real commercial Dock System that is designed to moor boats of sizes up to 30’ and accomplish the most exquisite designs of your personal dream dock system.

Its super strong and fully welded Warren Type truss frame system is designed to maximize diagonal, vertical and lateral strength and
can be adapted to accommodate loads up to 75 psf of floatation. Multinautic’s custom & unique Tritrack™ extrusion surrounds these frames for cleats, chain holders, finger connections, handrails or any other accessories to be relocated in minutes!

• Our super structure fingers have wide body connections, with incomparable stability and anti torsion strength.
• Connected to main docks by 1 1/4’’ HD pins with nylon bushings: wear & noise free -fast disconnect.
• Equipped with brackets that slide along the sides to allow easy adjustments.
• Service bay on demand with removable covers to access electrical and water supplies.
• Available in Kits to be assemble.
• Decking options: Various species of wood / Composite boards / Concrete slabs / True Deck™ Panels (#21153/#21158)