Product instruction sheets

In this Section, you will find the instructions to guide you towards a step by step easy and simplified assembly of the different Aluminum dock structure kits, wood docks as well as the majority of other nautical accessories.

We constantly strive to keep our installation plans up to date as well as the relative information on products but if you see a detail or instruction that is not accurate, please take the time to send us your comments, they will greatly benefit the company and others.

How to Choose

Essential documents to make the right choices. Stationary or floating docks ? Which wood to choose ? What floats should I use? Simple guides that will lead you to ask the right questions and help you get the right answers.

Layout plan example

How to Assemble

Whether it’s building your dock or assembling a ladder, this will show you the steps to follow to build dock sections and some product instruction sheets.

21011 QP-400 Assembly instructions
21111 QP-427 Assembly instructions

QPF-495 5' x 10' Aluminum Boxed Dock 
500 Series Frame Assembly
500 Series Decking Assembly
22044-22045 Vertical bumpers
22040 Fusion Connectors
22041 Hinges for aluminum docks QPF-475 or QPF-500
How to build in 4 steps
19223, 19226, 19228 Boat ramp
19290 Kayak Wooden Ramp Assembly Guide  

How to Install

From screwing a bumper to installing dock sections in the water, we try to answer the most frequently asked questions. Winter storage, anchoring of a dock or a raft, floats installation . . .

Diagonal brace
Float Points #14106 to #14183
Flit-Up Kit for Dock Ladder
Dock Wheel kit
Ladder assembling instructions
Dock Assembly guide QPF-495
21182 Cedar Decking QPF-500
15503 dock ladders instructions
Handrail guide
Dock Bench
400 series Adaptors