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Mr Layman

I withdraw my comments/complaints as to the quality of your product and must admit to my missing the instruction for end pieces having the decking lip on the bottom. I will now once again sing the praises of the Multinautic brand and admit that as a man I do need to read “all” of the instructions!  Thank you for your patience and your assistance.

Ronald Lee

First of all I decided to follow Johanne's suggested list of parts.  Normally, I try to save money and go cheap but in this case, I decided it was too important and so I bought everything that Johanne suggested.  Your equipment is excellent and obviously heavy duty.  When I first opened the shipment and looked at everything, I was very impressed.  At that point, I felt very confident that I was spending my money wisely...  I was able to go over all your material on your websites and it really helped me... Johanne told me about how great your ladder is and I kept thinking, “What’s the big deal?  A ladder is a ladder.”  But she is right; it is excellent, better than any of the other ladders that I see on the lake... By the way, I have not caught one fish all year long.  No hits and no nibbles.  I went onto the deck for the first time and caught 3 fish within 20 minutes.  So I guess it was worth time, money and effort!  We've had several afternoons with lots of friends and family over and they love the dock.  They are very impressed with our work!