QPF-495 | The Ultimate Dock • Floating or Stationary Aluminum Dock

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USD$799.00- 6099.00
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Ready-to-Assemble DOCK Solution

Multinautic’s QPF-495 allows you to assemble the ideal aluminum dock for your shoreline.

5 ft. x 10 ft Premium Aluminum Dock Frame Kit

  • Ready for floating dock configuration
  • Ready for stationary dock configuration
  • Ready with or without cedar decking included
  • Ready to configure the length and layout of your choice
    • Straight line
    • Side by side
    • “L” shape

Get your Dock, Quickly and Easily

  • Sleek, lightweight, and sturdy design
  • Easy installation, with clear paper instructions or digital version available on Built 3D
  • Fast and Free delivery
  • Select your options and buy securely directly from HomeDepot.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! It’s possible to install your QPF-495 on your own. However, you’ll find it easier and more fun with a teammate. Take a look at the installation video.

Would you like to see how easy it is to install? Take a look at this video.