Dock Mooring


Choose between dock cleats, mooring rings and mooring arms for a safe and effective mooring of your boat. A dock cleat is a simple and effective way to moor your boat, they are widely available in high-quality brass or galvanized steel. Most dock cleats can be installed on dock posts which allows for the easy installation of dock lines. Dock cleats have holes drilled both horizontally and vertically to allow dock lines to thread through and around them. Dock cleats are generally secured into dock posts or dock boards using a bolt, and are tightened by means of a wrench.

A dock ring is another way to secure your boat in place while at dock. This type of dock hardware is essentially just that: a big metal ring with an eyelet fitting for dock lines threaded through. There are also dock rings with three or more dock line sockets. They are secured into dock posts and dock boards by means of a bolt, nut and washer. These dock rings can be installed on both sides for even more mooring options if needed.

A dock arm is similar in design to a dock ring except that it has many arms on it rather than just one big dock ring. It is useful as it gives you many dock line options in a small space.