3/8 in. Dia. x 3-1/2 in. L Bolt with Large Flat Washer Kit for Dock Float Drum Installation (12-Pack)

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  • Manufactured to preserve frame edges and float flanges
  • Large washer features a 7/16 in. hole to fit 3/8 in. bolt
  • Small washer helps keep the dock bottom lip protected

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Make sure to have the right fasteners for your aluminum dock when installing the floats. These bolt kits are designed to protect the edges of the aluminum frame and the polyethylene flange of the floats. The 1.75 in. large flat washer has 7/16 in. hole to fit perfectly on the 3/8 in. hexagonal bolt.

  • Super-sized flat washer will protect the flange of the float from the lock washer and spread the stress of the bolt on a larger surface, protecting the float’s integrity
  • Smaller washer will prevent the aluminum dock bottom lip from being crushed by the bolt’s head
  • Lock washers and nut will secure the whole assembly
  • Get the right combination without having to mixed flat washers with different hole sizes to achieve a stable attachment