Floating Dock Steel Hardware

Type of dock


Multinautic’s floating dock hardware is made of the strongest materials for the assembly of your structures. The incomparable stability of your dock will ensure you have more free time to enjoy your structures, instead of having to take that time to maintain or repair them.

Our hardware is offered as a solution for every type of user. We produce high-quality, durable and corrosion resistant docking hardware. Whether you are looking to install a floating dock on private property or a boat park on lakefront land, Multinautic has an ideal material for your project.

One of the main goals in developing our docking hardware was to be able to use it in a variety of installation, such as: pontoons, floating dock parts and dock platforms. To achieve that goal, Multinautic started from the bottom up…or we should say from the top down! Our first dock hardware was aimed at making dock repairs less time consuming and easy for anyone. From there we built dock parts and dock platforms.