Boat Ramps Kits

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RAMPS for small watercrafts

Our boat roller ramps kit for small boats & Jet Ski are perfect for storing your boats away from waves and water level fluctuations. They will protect the hull, propeller or turbine of your watercraft by avoiding sand and rocks.

This is the easiest way to refuel your boat and prevent accidental spills due to waves for a clean environment.

Select between 2,000 lbs capacity ramp kit (19228) or 2,500 lbs ramps kits for small boats  (19226, 19229, 19230).

The kits contain the wheels, keel roller, winch, belt and all the necessary hardware for assembly. Also includes 2 piles, pile clamps and bottom plates to adjust the ramp to your shoreline. Construction plans and instructions are included in the box.

Wood required, not included.

Available online here :

Costco for Multinautic ramp and dock kitLowes multinautic wheels and roller ramp kitKome Depot for Multinautic ramp and dock kit

NOTE: You must add 15% to the specified dry weight of your boat to calculate the total weight.

RAMPS for kayaks

Is getting into your kayak already in the water a challenge for you? Multinautic® innovates and offers you its kayak launching ramp system! Innovative and unique, this system firmly supports your kayak while you take your seat thanks to the boarding handles.

You then let yourself roll gently into the water. The handrails make getting back up just as easy. You will be able to easily climb back up to the starting platform and leave your kayak in style without getting your little toe wet!

Acclaimed by all who have tried it, this ingenious ramp will renew your pleasure of kayaking.

Available online here:

Costco multinautic dock and ramp

Lowes authorized Multinautic dock ramp kit provider

* Wood not included

RAMPS projects for "DIYers"

The Multinautic® small boat ramp system is the most economical and safe way to protect your beautiful investment. Although we suggest a few types of assembly and pre-configured ramp models in kits, your imagination will be able to create the craziest projects that will meet your specific needs.

Combine the components of your choice. Invent new systems and share them with the Multinautic® creative community with @multinautic®.

Multinautic ramp kits with orange wheels available online here:

Home Depot authorized to distribute multinautic dock and ramps kits

Costco official provider of dock and roller ramp kits from Multinautic




Multinautic orange 4″ wheels kits available online here:
Home Depot – Réno-Dépôt – Rona – Walmart
Our 5″ blue wheels kits available online here:
Home Depot – Réno-Dépôt – Rona – Walmart