Docks inspection and maintenance

For an aluminum dock, an inspection of all structural components such as joints between dock sections, corners, pile clamps and other welded or screwed parts is essential. Look for cracks, weaknesses or loose bolts. Have them repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

Refer to the product instruction sheet for important additional maintenance information. On a wooden dock, check the steel connections to make sure no parts are loose. If this is the case, tighten it up immediately. If necessary, replace it.

Several types of sealant can be applied to the deck boards to prevent the wood from drying, cracking and becoming sharp. Consult your paint dealer and municipality to make the right choice of product.

Anchor chains, shackles, quick links and all other anchor attachments are prone to rust and will usually last no more than a dozen years (some regions or water types can cause rust to be more aggressive), requiring periodic inspection of the entire system at the dock and anchorages (at the bottom of the water). Please check with your insurance company and refer to the laws governing the place of installation to find out when to perform the checks.

We believe it is better to inspect everything regularly and make the necessary replacements rather than wait for breakage and damage. It is the responsibility of the dock owner to make the necessary revisions and implement the necessary measures.

All docks must be inspected monthly and after each storm, high winds, high waves or any event or use that may damage or loosen dock parts.