Aluminum Stationary Dock Kit 4′ x 12 ft

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Designed in Canada, this stationary aluminum dock is strong, durable and easy to assemble. This kit includes unique aluminum extrusions to build a 52 in. x 12 ft. dock with two 6 ft. galvanized steel posts and 2 base plates. This dock is ideal for shallow water up to 4 ft. deep.Multinautic’s custom aluminum extrusion has a unique system on each side, enabling insertion of mooring cleats and other accessories that can be easily installed and moved along (cleats and accessories sold separately).While you can add as many section as you need in straight line, the kit also includes layout adaptors that allow side by side and L shape configurations to fit your needs. For example, 3 dock sections installed side by side will make a nice 12 ft. x 12 ft. deck above water to gather with friends and family.

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  • 4.25 ft x 12 ft aluminum post dock showing a sleek design. The dock frame is lightweight and made from durable marine grade aluminum. Its structure has been designed to be light without loosing sturdiness in the process
  • Can be assembled by one person and installed with ease by only two people. The included base plates allow to drive the piles and keep them at the required depth. Easy height adjustments can be made at dock level in season if needed
  • We recommend cedar for decking as it’s lightweight, soft and it’s renowned for its occurring resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. Material needed: 17 boards 5/4″ x 6″ x 8′, 150 deck screws #8 x 1 ?” and 18 stain. steel screws #10 x 1 ?”
  • As cedar is sometimes hard to find, if you plan to install other kind of decking panels such as polymer (or plastic) that require to be supported every 12 in. or 16 in., get a kit of add-on stringers to support them (item #22016)
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