Dock float EF-620 36 x 48 x 12 Foam filled for floating dock

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This premium Dock Float is made of the strongest anti-UV polyethylene, and is foam filled to guarantee lifetime buoyancy. The dock float can be installed on existing or new, wooden or aluminum docks. Simply the best and cleanest for the environment, this dock float will securely support your dock for a lifetime!

  1. Fits most aluminum and wooden docks, can be installed or retrofitted on new or used docks, recyclable and environmentally friendly (will not contaminate the waterways)
  1. Will not sink or contaminate the water when punctured, thick and strong bolting flange of 3.81 cm (1 1/2-inch)
  1. 12 bolt slots to fasten to the dock and for easy installation
  1. Anti-UV, complies with FDA title 21, rotationally moulded for seamless, one piece construction, with a 0.38 cm (1 1/2-inch) wall thickness, all units are resistant to damage by animals, ice and contact deterioration from petroleum products
  1. Filled with first quality expanded virgin polystyrene (EPS) at 0.4 to 0.5 kg (0.9 to 1.2 lbs.) per cu. ft.
  1. Net floatation capacity of 540 lbs. or 276 kg