Stand-up Paddle Board Rack Set

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This Aluminum SUP rack set is designed to allow you to easily store your board without cluttering your dock. Installs in minutes on the piles of your Multinautic dock. This accessory is part of the range of unique accessories developed to make the most of water bodies.


  • 2 × “J” brackets held by strong marine-grade aluminum pile clamps
  • 2 × Setscrews
  • 2 × Plastic protective caps per bracket


  • Designed to be attached to Multinautic piles with a diameter of 4.28 cm (1.68 in.)
  • Long J-shaped aluminum hooks hold a 21.4 cm (8.45 in.) thick SUP in place
  • Installs at any height on the inside or outside of the dock with a 0.65 cm (0.25 in.) hex wrench (Allen)
  • Simple installation guide
  • Easy installation


  • Dimensions: (W × L × H): 32.40 × 5.41 × 60.3 cm (12.75 in. × 2.13 in. × 23.75 in.)
  • Weight: 1.81 kg (4 lb.) (for the pair)