“T-head” bolts

Sku: 22080


Use these T-Head bolts to install selected accessories into Multinautic’s Dock Track System. Perfect match with our open base aluminum Mooring Dock Cleat, item 15110. You will not have to drill into your decking to install the cleats and you will be able to easily change their location if you need to move the mooring area.

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  • Special T shape head eases the insertion of the bolt in the top track and keeps it from turning during the installation of the nut
  • Feature allows you to slide the cleat along the aluminum dock top track by loosening the nuts to fit your changing mooring needs
  • 1/2 in. Dia bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel so this kit won’t rust
  • 1 in. long bolt has a line at it’s tip end that indicates the position of the head when installing
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