Wooden Kayak Ramp Kit

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Multinautic Innovates again with its new and never seen before Kayak Ramp System. Finally, a new and unique ramp design that assures a safe, easy and risk free launch into the water. Embarking, disembarking and setting afloat your Kayak or Canoe from a rocky shoreline can be a difficult task, especially when the water level is low or fluctuates periodically. Limit your risk of capsizing or straining a muscle while simply wanting to go for a Kayak ride. The berthing platform supports your kayak so you can take your time to smoothly take place in the seating position by grabbing the ergonomic boarding handles and securely roll yourself into the water guiding your speed by keeping hands on the long handrails. This simple yet ingenious ramp system makes a big difference in the pleasures and safety of kayaking.

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  • The kit includes all the required components to assemble this nice ramp excepts for the lumber that you can get on homedepot.com website or locally. Hot dip galvanized steel brackets and carriage bolts will get you a sturdy structure
  • Equipped with 4 ft galvanized steel posts, the leg holders and base plates will let you adjust the ramp to the proper height. To install your ramp higher such as at the end of a dock, just get longer piles or hinges. Read pdf manual for details
  • Not just a cute feature and protection for the hull, the bumpers on the platform will securely berth your Kayak and maintain it in place while you get in or out
  • The 16 rollers will smoothly guide your kayak in or out of the water while you’re in control all the way with the help of aluminum handrails
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