QP-427 THE BEST SELLER DOCK • Stationary Aluminum Dock

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The QP-427 Stationary Aluminum Dock Kit is a great lightweight, easy to assemble and install, 4 ft. W x 8 ft. L dock.

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The all-aluminum structure with stainless steel assembly hardware and hot dip galvanized steel posts and base plates, makes this dock totally rust free and easy to maintain. It’s ideal for shallow waters up to 4 ft. deep. It includes all the necessary hardware to join 2 docks either end to end, side-by-side or even in an «L» shape. Although this dock is ultralight, it can handles up to 800 lbs. The kit comes with two (2) galvanized steel posts. Multinautic’s custom aluminum extrusion has a unique “UniTrack” system on each side, enabling to insert special mooring cleats (not included) and other accessories without the need to drill or screw into the wood decking allowing you to move them easily to fit your changing needs. This kit is affordable and easy to build whether you’re a handyman or not! The result is a nice and long lasting dock.

  • Easy to install, adjust and remove
  • Ultra Lite Marine Grade Aluminum Structure with a built in Track System to quickly connect and disconnect accessories
  • Lightweight, strong, durable, easy to adjust, will never rust in water or become waterlogged like a conventional wooden dock
  • Compatible with all of the Multinautic ”Original Boxed Dock” QP-400 series
  • Decking and Wood Screws (not included), Red Cedar Wood recommended
  • Supports up to 600 lbs. per section

QP-427 4′ x 8′ Assembly Guide


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