Anchor Chain Hook Kit (2-Pack), 22063

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An aluminum floating dock layout absolutely requires an anchoring system at the end of the dock and every 30 ft. of the floating section. It is the concrete anchoring blocks that will keep the docks in place under wave movements. This essential kit will prevent the dock to move up and down and laterally. Anchoring chain retainers are required on both end corners of the dock and in the 4 corners of the floating dock section where the boats are usually moored.

  • Designed for installation on Multinautic aluminum docks such as model QPF-495, item 21519, these anchor chain hooks can be bolted in the interior bottom edge of most aluminum docks
  • Sleek design fits perfectly with aluminum dock frame and the positioning under the structure clears the way around the dock without any hardware sticking out that could damage boats’ hulls
  • Recommended chain size to use with these steel hooks is 5/16 in. it should be made from galvanized steel, grade 30 (regular)
  • Kit includes 2 aluminum angled plates with 4 predrilled holes, 2 stainless steel quick links, 2 forged galvanized steel hooks and 4 hexagonal head bolts, nuts and lock washers for a secure installation
  • Refer to the anchoring guide on this page to plan a secure installation