Dock Floats

Dock floats are an essential component of a dock because they support and hold it. Foam-filled, robust foam drums work as the best option for most docks while hollow ones that are light and less expensive may be more suitable to your needs if you’re on a budget or looking for something temporary. With this premium floating drum from Multinautic, you can build your own dock like a professional with quality craftsmanship built into every detail!

Foam Filled Float: Durable polyethylene construction is rotational molded with 15 inch thick walls which makes these floats practically unbreakable in comparison to other options available at lower prices but without the same level of sturdiness. These high grade materials also include ultraviolet inhibitors so even after years

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We offer separate components, such as hardware, for all your manufacturing projects. Floats and ladders are also available to complete your structure. In addition, you can install guards to keep your watercrafts glowing and get other accessories such as moorings or storage solutions.