IMPORTANT!  In a few weeks, many of our products will be available directly here online. For now, here are some retailers and hardware stores in the US and Canada that usually sell our products.

Aluminium Dock QPF-600

THE COMMERCIAL DOCK • Floating or Stationary aluminum dock

The QPF-600 is a commercial grade docking system designed to moor
boats up to 30 ft long. Its design allows for the
most daring configurations.
Its super-welded Warren-type structure is superior
in design to maximize its resistance to diagonal,
vertical and lateral pressures, and can accommodate loads of up to 100 lbs
per square foot. The Tritrack™ extrusion, developed by Multinautic®,
is designed to install mooring cleats, anchor chains, bumpers
and add fingers for several boats … that you can
relocate in minutes!

Choice of decking: