Aluminium Dock QPF-600

THE COMMERCIAL DOCK • Floating or Stationary aluminum dock

The QPF-600 is a commercial grade docking system designed to moor
boats up to 30 ft long. Its design allows for the
most daring configurations.
Its super-welded Warren-type structure is superior
in design to maximize its resistance to diagonal,
vertical and lateral pressures, and can accommodate loads of up to 100 lbs
per square foot. The Tritrack™ extrusion, developed by Multinautic®,
is designed to install mooring cleats, anchor chains, bumpers
and add fingers for several boats … that you can
relocate in minutes!

  • Great dock structure that provides unparalleled torsional stability and strength
  • Dock hinges with 1-1/4'' pins and nylon bushing (No noise, no wear and easily detachable)
  • Sliding fasteners, on the sides of the structure for quick adjustments
  • Gutter for water and electricity, on request
  • Available in kits for individuals or marinas managers.
Choice of decking:
  • Different wood species
  • Composite panels
  • Concrete slabs
  • Polymer panels