QPF-495 | The Ultimate Dock • Floating or Stationary Aluminum Dock

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This webpage presents the basic 5 ft. x 10 ft. Dock Structure of our QPF-495 Series Dock Collection. You can transform this premium aluminum frame into a post dock or a floating dock. Just a few components are required to realize your dream of a DIY aluminum dock that meets your specific needs. Its sleek design is perfect for lightweight yet sturdy assemblies.

As our Collection features Stationary or Floating Ensembles with low or medium freeboard, with or without Cedar Decking, this single unit allows you to personalize a larger layout to fit the specifications of your shoreline.
Install the dock sections in straight line, side by side or in “L” shape to suit your favorite nautical activities. See the Installation Guide on this page to help you decide what?s best for you.
The video shows just how simple this dock is to assemble.

The combination of 3 or more dock sections in a basic Floating layout (stationary + semi-floating + floating) allows you to moor a boat of up to 25 feet.
A Stationary configuration, installed in up to 4 ft of water will accept light weight PWCs such as pedal boat, kayak and canoe.

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  • The QPF-495 Dock System allows you to insert dock cleats in the aluminum top track, without drilling into your decking and letting you relocate them to move the mooring area as needed
  • Exact size of this Aluminum frame structure is 60 in. x 116 in. x 6.5 in
  • Includes a pair of hinges for a straight, parallel or “L” shape design allowing stationary, semi-floating and floating installations
  • For semi-floating or floating dock it is recommended to use Multinautic’s 24 in. x 60 in. foam filled floats. Choose from a low, medium or high freeboard
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